Sunday, 1 September 2013

Top Tier Gluten-Free Wedding Cake - practice 1

    Off we go!!!
            Here is a picture on which I am loosely basing my Wedding Cake Concept!!
                    The top tier of mine is to be a 6inch gluten free sponge!


As you know I am a long way from a professional look like this..
    Anyone who wants to see the current state of my baking can check out my other blog at  Pa's Pies and be amazed at the bravery of my daughter who has asked me to bake her wedding cake.
    Isn’t it lovely when someone has such faith in you.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Beginning

     Hi and welcome to the new blog, this one devoted to me making a wedding cake.

130820131218My eldest daughter is getting married in November and has very bravely asked me to make her wedding cake.
     Anyone following my other blog at Pa's Pies and Preserves Plus knows that my cake baking and decoration has been largely limited to Christmas cake and the odd experimental celebration cake.
     So this is a big step up for me and this is the result of my first test which I will go through with you step by step below.
     If you are thinking about baking a wedding cake I hope you will go through the learning process with me.